amadeus-php: Now supports seatmap

The open source community based package amadeus-php now supports the Amadeus Seat Map API.

The SeatMap Display API allows you to get information to display airplane cabin plan from a Flight Offer in order for the traveler to be able to choose his seat during the flight booking flow thanks to POST method. In addition GET method allows you to display airplane cabin plan from an existing Flight Order.

amadeus-php supports both the GET and the POST method calls. The GET method calls requires a flight order identifier and the POST call requires a flight order array.


An example of the GET method call:

  "flightOrderId" => "eJzTd9f3NjIJdzUGAAp%2fAiY="   

The method expects an array with a flightOrderId key.


An example of the POST method call:


This method expects an flight order body array as the input variable.


I hope you enjoy the amadeus-php and if you should encounter any issue please use the package issue tracker.